The new Fabia and Fabia Monte Carlo

Skoda Fabia Monte CarloThe award-winning ŠKODA Fabia has more value then ever before. Featuring the very latest in Volkswagen Group technologies and safety advancements, the versatile Fabia includes SmartLink^ Smartphone Connectivity including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, Rear View Camera*, Front Assist with City Emergency Brake*, Multi-collision Brake and Green Tech~ all as standard across the range. The Fabia has also been recognised by Carsales as Australia's Best First Car, awarded 2 years in a row.

Offered as both a hatch and wagon, the Fabia focuses on sharp and angular lines. View it from any angle and its perfectly balanced proportions won't fail to impress. The Fabia hatch also offers optional Colour Concept combinations, allowing you to customise your Fabia to express your personality and style.

^SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android. *Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver's responsibility of the vehicle. ~Reactivation of “Start Stop” will not occur in certain conditions.

Exterior design

SKODA Fabia DesignThe new Fabia Hatch turns heads whichever way it turns. Sharp lines and strong curves define its side and rear, creating an attractive play of light and shadow.

The car’s front embodies the core elements of the new ŠKODA design language, including the grille’s clear geometric shape, the ŠKODA logo on the sloping front end of the bonnet and the crystalline design of the headlights. The silver logo, mounted at a vantage point on the nose, is the starting point for a distinctive overall design with a horizontal emphasis.

The Fabia Wagon is proof that form and function can live under the same roof. Its sharp, clean lines cleverly hide the unrivalled space inside. View it from any angle and its perfectly balanced proportions won’t fail to impress. It’s a great example of dynamic design working in harmony with practicality.

Offered on both hatch and wagon, the optional panoramic glass roof stretches from the front windscreen to the roof spoiler allowing for an abundance of natural sunlight. For added comfort, two manually operated blinds cover the whole roof.

The integrated side indicators are now enclosed within the external side mirrors - a minor tweak that enhances the overall expression of the Fabia's design.

Distinctive and wide headlights boast contours and sharp edges; while the dark underlays hug the grille, strengthening the integration between the two and creating an intriguing contrast to the lighter areas at the front. For the fi rst time in Fabia, you can opt for LED daytime running lights* with curve projected headlights.

*Included in optional Travel Pack for Fabia 66TSI and Sports Pack for Fabia 81TSI

Interior Storage

SKODA Fabia InteriorAs ŠKODA drivers have come to expect, the Fabia is full of "Simply Clever" storage areas and designs to offer solutions that fi t your lifestyle.

Multimedia device holder
Situated within centre cup holders, the multimedia bracket safely houses your device, such as a smartphone.

Storage pockets on the insides of the front backrests are perfect for small items such as wallets or phones.

Storage box under front seats
A hinged storage box for various small objects can be found under both front seats.

Bottle holders
The storage compartments in both rear doors can hold a 0.5-litre bottle, while the front doors can hold a 1.5-litre bottle.

Waste bin
The waste bin in the front door panel is a neat feature for small rubbish items. The bag can be removed and replaced with ease.

Glove compartment
The illuminated glove box situated in the lower part of the front passenger dashboard is large enough to store a 1-litre bottle.

Multi-functional steering wheel
The 3-spoke multi-functional steering wheel allows full control of the Bluetooth® phone and audio streaming, as well as the control of the trip computer functionalities and vehicle status.

Front centre armrest
Included in the Sports Pack, the front armrest contains a storage compartment for small items to be housed.

Climatronic air conditioning*
Dual-zone Climatronic air-conditioning allows the passenger to set different temperatures for optimal comfort while the humidity sensor directs air flow as required, to keep the windscreen fog free.

Sunglasses storage
A convenient sunglasses holder# is located above the rear view mirror.

Ticket holder
The parking ticket holder on the edge of the windscreen is a practical detail that will ensure that your parking ticket is always in a highly visible location.

*Included in optional Premium Sports Pack. #Not available with optional panoramic roof.

Comfort and Convenience

SKODA Fabia ComfortRain Sensor and Light Assist*
Located behind the rear view mirror, the rain sensor and light assist are great additions for added peace of mind.

Rear Parking Sensors
Parking is made easier with rear parking sensors standard on all models. In addition to the audible signals, visual cues are clearly displayed on the infotainment unit.

Adaptive Cruise Control
An outstanding, technological advancement is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)*~ - an extension of the conventional cruise control system with advanced capabilities based on a radar sensor located on the front grille. When ACC is activated, the vehicle automatically brakes and accelerates to a speed and distance set by the driver.

Advance Keyless Entry including Smart Start (KESSY)*
KESSY can be added to allow the driver to lock and unlock the car and start and stop the engine without having to insert or even handle the key. As long as the key is within 1.5m of the sensor, the system will work, and a number of simply clever features ensure you can check the lock, preventing you from locking the key inside and preventing unwanted access.

^Included in optional Sports Pack. *Included in optional Premium Sports Pack. ~Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver’s responsibility for the vehicle.


SKODA Fabia Infotainment SmartLink Smartphone Connectivity
Your car and smartphone are now in perfect sync. The SmartLink system delivers a seamless connection between your car and smartphone using, Apple CarPlay* and Android Auto* interfaces. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all of this is mirrored and can be controlled via the Fabia’s infotainment unit.

ŠKODA Surround Sound (Developed with Arkamys®)
Exclusively developed for Fabia, in collaboration with a leading audio brand Arkamys, ŠKODA Surround offers a unique acoustic compensation system developed that elevates the sound stage in order to have the voices and instruments of the music fi lling the whole windshield. The Virtual Subwoofer option gives digital audio an improved bass support using the patented Arkamys technology based on psychoacoustics. Specially tuned for the Fabia, this technology provides you a deep and punchy bass, with crystal clear sound.

Bolero and Amundsen infotainment units
The Bolero infotainment unit is controlled via 6.5" touchscreen display, offering exceptional 800x480 resolution. The Bolero unit features a USB, SD-card slot and Bluetooth® compatibility as well as, displaying all Smartlink features. Furthermore, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+ )^ allows the user to access a wide variety of digital stations, with crystal clear digital sound quality and information updates such as artist, song and news headlines.

For those preferring the conventional Sat Nav unit, the optional Amundsen infotainment unit offers the same features as the Bolero, with the added benefi t of maps. Intuitive swiping and pinching movements allow the user to scroll menus and zoom into maps easily.

*SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android. ^Included in optional Premium Sports Pack.

Luggage compartment

SKODA Fabia LuggageStore it. Hang it. Lock it. The Fabia's clever design allows storage solutions and capacity to be maximised.

Hidden within the Fabia's clever design is exceptional luggage space. The hatch boasts 305 litres of space. This phenomenal space becomes cavernous with the rear seats folded down, expanding to 1125 litres. The wagon (shown) offers 505 litres of space with seats up and 1370 litres with seats down; an impressive amount that is comparable to much larger family vehicles.

Flexible storage compartment
The flexible storage compartment is a handy feature to ensure belongings are kept stationary whilst driving.

Net system
A set of nets in varying sizes will keep order in your luggage compartment and will prevent luggage from sliding around.

The two-position luggage compartment shelf in the hatchback version can be fixed in the lower position, allowing for the transport of fragile objects. The compartment shelf can also be removed and stored behind the backrests of the rear seats.

Folding Hooks
Folding hooks are located in the luggage compartment to conveniently hang bags.

Outstanding Safety

SKODA Fabia SafetyOutstanding attention to design and detail means you benefit from not only sophistication, but exceptional levels of safety for you and your loved ones. In addition to the essential prerequisites of safety such as the exceptionally strong body and excellent driving characteristics of the vehicle, the Fabia offers six airbags as standard across all models: driver and front passenger airbags, front side airbags and curtain airbags.

Front Assist with City Emergency Brake
Standard across the Fabia range, Front Assist* uses a radar-based system that monitors the area in front of the car at speeds above 30km/h. Using predefined algorithms, it decides whether these objects pose a potential risk of collision and alerts the driver if the distance to object is insufficient – initially with a tone and an alert on the multi-functional display; followed by a warning jolt of the brakes. If the driver doesn’t respond, the car will brake itself – all the way to a standstill if needed, helping to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of the accident. It can be turned off by the driver via the touchscreen. For vehicle speeds below 30km/h, City Emergency Brake is designed to help a driver avoid a low-speed crash or to reduce its severity.

ESC with Multi-collision Brake
The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is further enhanced with multi-collision braking; designed to provide effective assistance for the driver in the moments after an accident. Multi-collision Brake triggers automatic controlled braking once an initial collision has been detected so as to reduce the intensity of further accidents after a collision and can help prevent follow-on collisions with oncoming traffic.

Fatigue Detection^
Fatigue Detection^* monitors the movement of the driver through the steering wheel. If the driver begins to display signs of fatigue, the car will audibly alert the driver with a tone and show a break recommendation alert on the multi-functional display.

*Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver’s responsibility for the vehicle. ^Included in optional Premium Sports Pack.


SKODA Fabia EngineEngine
The Fabia is offered with two new Volkswagen Group turbocharged petrol engines - 66TSI and 81TSI - variants that are lighter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient than previous generations. Consumption has reduced up to 21% whilst torque has improved across the range.

The Fabia 66TSI is complemented with a 5-speed manual; whilst the 81TSI is equipped with a 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox which uses two clutches and two sets of gears to preselect your next gear while you’re still driving in your current gear. Used in nearly all high-end sports cars, DSG dual-clutch technology is trusted by the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Green Tech
A standard feature across both petrol variants is Green Tech - a technology allowing for further improvement in fuel economy through the "Start Stop" and Brake Energy Recuperation features. "Start Stop" allows the engine to automatically switch when at idle and immediately switch back on when required. “Stop Start” can be deactivated if desired. In addition, Brake Energy Recuperation enables the use of kinetic energy to charge the car battery when the brakes are applied. Reactivation of Stop-Start function will not occur in certain conditions.

Fabia Interior Features

Equally captivating is the car's interior with quality materials and precise workmanship wherever you look. The Fabia hosts fabric upholstery with unique door paneling and dashboard inserts. Also included is a host of technology and comfort features as standard, including: 6 airbags, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking*, Multicollision Brake, Green Tech^ including engine "Start-Stop", touch screen 6.5" Bolero infotainment unit with SmartLink~ smartphone connectivity including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, Bluetooth® connectivity and rear view camera* all as standard.

*Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver's responsibility of the vehicle. ~SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android. ^Reactivation of Stop-Start function will not occur in certain conditions.

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