When you know what fits you

ŠKODA KamiqOnce you’ve come to the point in life where you know what you want, you might want this car. With its compact dimensions paired with a bold design language, the ŠKODA KAMIQ combines understatement with a lot of self-confidence. A perfect car that fits all your needs in the city – and into most parking spaces.

The KAMIQ also offers abundant technologies uncommon for the compact city small SUV. Advanced assistance systems and a new generation of infotainment mean you can stay safe without compromising on fun, on every journey.

That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

Design that leads, not follows

He’s got the look: the KAMIQ is the perfect mix of robustness and dynamic shapes defined by the ŠKODA design language. It is the first ŠKODA small SUV.

Front view

The KAMIQ features a wide front grille and split headlamps, which give the front a distinctive appearance. The platin grey or black additions to the front bumper emphasizes the KAMIQ's small SUV character.

Side view

Characteristic lines on the sides of the car enhance its dynamics as shaped by ŠKODA’s design language. The design is highlighted with SunSet tinted windows, which not only accentuate the attractiveness of the exterior, but also protect rear passengers from glare.

Rear view

With the unmistakable ŠKODA inscription in the back the car proudly declares its family allegiance. The rear bumper includes an integrated diffuser in platin grey, which accentuates the generous ground clearance and gives the rear of the KAMIQ a robust appearance

ŠKODA Kamiq Exterior

Trend-proof beauty


Light doesn’t just illuminate. It inspires. The unique headlamps and slim long rear lights make the car instantly recognisable. The crystalline lamp design with integrated LEDs represents a perfect blend of Czech crystal tradition and modern technology.

Full led rear lights

The KAMIQ features horizontally designed rear lights where the C-shaped illumination, typical of the ŠKODA family, has been updated with a modern twist. This original light signature is accompanied by perfect functionality. All variants come with LED rear lights, which include animated turn indicators.

Full led headlamps

The top-end option is all about LED technology including corner function, fog lamps and animated turn indicators adding dynamism to the car.

Available with optional Tech Pack on the entry level Kamiq and standard on the Monte Carlo.

Your personal place to be

Inside the KAMIQ you will feel right at home. The interior, which matches the design of the exterior with its self-confidence and total functionality, offers exceptional spaciousness, quality materials including attractive décor and cutting-edge digital technology.

Amundsen 9.2" infotainment

Attractive design is accompanied by perfect functionality. The new generation of infotainment comes with a display that’s positioned high up on the dashboard, in the driver’s immediate field of view. Below the display, it also provides an ergonomic wrist rest when operating the screen. The device offers not only convenient touch control, but also gesture control.

Available with optional Tech Pack on the entry level Kamiq and optional Travel Pack on the Monte Carlo.


Virtual cockpit

The Virtual Cockpit displays on-board computer specifications in combination with other information such as navigation, for example. You can choose from five layouts (modern view shown) controlled via the ‘View’ button on the steering wheel. The KAMIQ’s Virtual Cockpit features a 10.25" display.

Ambient lights

Make your space more cosy and comfortable with LED ambient lights running along the dashboard.

Style and functionality

The KAMIQ's interior is furnished with quality materials and great craftsmanship. Thanks to the beautifully shaped and comfortable leather/suedia seats, you will feel fresh even after a long drive.

Leather/Suedia seats available with optional Drivers Support Pack on the entry level Kamiq.

Wireless apple carPlay®

Combining our smart car with your smartphone was always going to be a good idea. Wireless Apple CarPlay® seamlessly connects compatible apps from your smartphone to your KAMIQ. So, whether you want to listen to music or receive turn-by-turn directions, you can do it all without touching your phone. Smartphone Connectivity for Android Auto is available through cable connection.

Available with optional Tech Pack on the entry level Kamiq and optional Travel Pack on the Monte Carlo

SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android, active data service, and connection cable (sold separately). Wireless SmartLink is not available for Android.

Wireless charging/usb

The KAMIQ comes with an enlarged phone box which creates an amplified signal for your mobile device, and at the same time, wirelessly charges your phone while driving. This compartment is not only easily accessible, but is also suitable for large display devices. Two USB-C ports located in the centre console allow you to connect your external devices without the need for dongles or adapters.

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