Ready for anything. Yep, even that.

Skoda KaroqYou never know what might be around the next bend, but in the new ŠKODA KAROQ, you’ll be more than ready for it. That’s because it’s packed with state-of-the-art tech and safety systems. Beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to drive, KAROQ is the embodiment of our design philosophy. This compact SUV’s game for any adventure.

KAROQ can take you from weekday to weekend in head-turning style. But the real question is, where will you take it?

That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

Exterior design

Skoda Karoq designInspired by Czech crystal, our new SUV is the epitome of refinement. But don’t be fooled, the KAROQ also has an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Side view
The sideshow that steals the show. With angular wheel arches and protective sill covers, there’s no mistaking the KAROQ for anything but an SUV.

Panoramic sunroof*
If the sky’s the limit, why let a roof get in your way? The KAROQ evokes a feeling of freedom with its electrically- adjustable panoramic sunroof.

Rear view
Prepare for some backwards glances. Cat's eye reflectors in the bumper and the iconic wedged- shaped rear lights work to help illuminate KAROQ’s lines.

Front view
One look at the distinctive ŠKODA grille and you know this SUV means business. Its fog lamps and sharply cut headlamps help light the way when you’re off-roading.

Interior design

Skoda Karoq interiorThe KAROQ’s interior was designed around one thing and one thing only – you.

The love child of smarts and style, it’s packed with intuitive tech. The interior has everything you need – and it’s all right in front of you.

Light design

Skoda Karoq designEvery aspect of the KAROQ has been thoughtfully designed, including the exterior lights. The Premium Package comes with a complete LED system, which you could say is a very bright idea.

Welcome logo
Standard with the KAROQ, LEDs located on the underside of the front doors create the ŠKODA logo, illuminating the entry area.

Full LED headlamps with adaptive frontlight system and fog lampsTwo types of headlamps and fog lamps
are available for the KAROQ. The LED headlamps (included in the optional premium pack) offer high-performance and high energy efficiency. The AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) adjusts the lighting intensity to specific conditions (e.g. city, motorway or driving in the rain), while the main headlamps boast an eye-catching integrated strip of LED daytime running lights. Under poor light conditions the LED fog lamps come into their own, to make you safer.

Simply clever

Skoda Karoq Virtual PedalInside you’ll find a place for everything – phones, glasses, drinks, snacks. Were there any reason at all to do so, you could even bring the kitchen sink.

Hands-free access
We’ve made getting into the back of this SUV a whole lot easier, you can open the KAROQs boot by kicking your foot underneath the rear bumper – convenient for when your hands are tied with loads of shopping.Δ

Virtual PedalΔ
Now this is virtually magic, swipe your foot underneath the boot and, hey presto, it opens or closes automatically.

Electrically controlled tailgate
It opens and closes at the touch a button. There is a button on the remote control and in the driver's door, especially handy in nasty weather.

ΔAvailable with optional Tech Pack.
‡Available with optional Premium Pack

Luggage space

Skoda Karoq luggage spaceThe VarioFlex rear seating system is comprised of the three back seats. Each one can be folded down or removed completely independently, giving you plenty of flexibility.

With all three folded down you get a luggage capacity of 1,605 litres. Take them out and you’ll have a whopping 1,810 litres, that’ll fit around 67 yoga mats (we think).


Skoda Karoq engineThe turbo engine offers a triple threat of modern, dynamic and economical. Win. Win. And, you guessed it, win.

Petrol engines
The 4-cylinder 110 kW engine comes with ACT (Active Cylinder management Technology). This system disconnects 2 cylinders when not needed, considerably reducing fuel consumption.

The KAROQ can be equipped with manual 6-speed transmission as well as automatic 7-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox).


Skoda Karoq lane assistThe KAROQ comes with safety in spades. A wide range of safety features in the KAROQ will assist in keeping you and your passengers safe.

Lane Assistנ
Lane assist always keeps you on the right track. Using a camera positioned within the rear-view mirror unit, it actively recognises lane markings and takes corrective action by steering you back on course.

Park Assist◊Δ
Minimise the hassle of parking in tight spots with Park Assist. At the press of a button, the system will begin searching for a parking spot in a row of parallel or perpendicularly parked vehicles. The car will steer itself into the space while the driver controls the pedals.

Seven airbags
Your safety is our number one priority. In extreme situations, when the driver cannot actively influence the like the airbags.

◊ Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver's responsibility for the vehicle.
†Available with optional Travel Pack.
ΔAvailable with optional Tech Pack.


Skoda Karoq connectivityKAROQ is packed with the technology options that can make everyday journeys easier and more enjoyable. Smarts inside mean that it can seamlessly sync with your external devices. Better still, your kids will never get bored on a journey.

Smartlink^^ with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Your car and smartphone are now in perfect sync. The SmartLink system delivers a seamless connection between your car and selected apps from your smartphone using, Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM interfaces. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, selected apps are mirrored and can be controlled via the KAROQ’s infotainment unit.

^^ SmartLink is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions

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