A brave new world

ŠKODA ScalaThe ŠKODA SCALA is a bold step forward for the brand. Its sophisticated shapes create a striking play of light and shadow that blend timeless design with sporty character. Its dynamic silhouette is embraced by a practical spirit that makes the car the perfect partner for every stage of life.

The SCALA also offers abundant technologies uncommon in the compact hatchback segment. Advanced assistance systems and a new generation of infotainment mean you can stay safe without compromising on fun, on every journey.

That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

Scala Family


Virtual cockpit and auto tailgate standard

Launch edition

Virtual cockpit and wireless apple carPlay standard

Monte carlo

Panoramic Roof and Full LED Headlights standard

Exterior design

Good design agrees with the heart and the head. Like in the SCALA. This compact hatchback with a sporty spirit represents the next phase of ŠKODA’s design language, while emphasising the strong relationship this brand has with its own tradition and history.

Front view

Distinguished exterior features like the front grille or sharply cut headlamps in the shape of an arrow give the car an authentic look with a strong identity. Crystalline elements etched on the headlamps allude to Czech crystal craftsmanship, a declaration of the brand’s proud lineage.

Side view

Characteristic lines on the sides of the car enhance its dynamics as shaped by ŠKODA’s design language. The impression is even stronger with SunSet tinted windows, which not only accentuate the attractiveness of the exterior, but also protect rear passengers from glare.

Rear view

As a badge of honour, the ŠKODA name proudly embraces the 5th door. This marks the confidence of a brand that has transformed its design philosophy.

ŠKODA Scala Exterior

Remain in the spotlight

ŠKODA Scala Infotainment

Light doesn’t just illuminate. It inspires. The unique headlamps and slim long rear lights make the car instantly recognisable. The crystalline lamp design with integrated LEDs represents a perfect blend of Czech crystal tradition and modern technology.

Full led rear lights

The SCALA features horizontally designed rear lights where the familiar C-shape illumination has been updated with a modern twist. This original light signature is accompanied by perfect functionality. All variants come with the full LED rear lights, which are fitted with animated turn indicators – for the first time ever on any ŠKODA. These not only indicate where the driver is about to turn, but also add dynamism to the car.

Remain in the spotlight

Full led headlamps

Is all about LED technology including corner function. The strip of LEDs for daylight driving positioned at the upper part of the headlamp lends the car its sporty charisma.

ŠKODA Scala Infotainment

Travel comfort class

ŠKODA Scala Safety

Retractable mirrors

The automatically retractable external side-view mirrors fold in when the car is locked, thus protecting them against damage.


The car equipped with KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) or with the simpler version Easy Start features a Start/Stop button on the steering column.

Electically-adjustable Drivers Seat

For the best feeling behind the steering wheel, we offer you the electrically-adjustable driver seat.

It's what's on the inside that counts

Stepping inside the SCALA is equally impressive. The well-appointed interior radiates with sleek design cues, exceptional spaciousness and cutting-edge digital technology.

Amubdsen 9.2" infotainment

Attractive design is accompanied by perfect functionality. The new generation of infotainment comes with a display that’s positioned high up on the dashboard, in the driver’s immediate field of view. Below the display, it also provides an ergonomic wrist rest when operating the screen. The device offers not only convenient touch control, but also gesture control.

Virtual cockpit

The Virtual Cockpit displays on-board computer specifications in combination with other information such as navigation. You can choose from five layouts (modern view shown) controlled via the ‘View’ button on the steering wheel. The SCALA's Virtual Cockpit features a 10.25" display – the largest in the compact hatchback segment.

Ambient lighting

Make your space more cosy and comfortable with LED ambient lights running along the dashboard

Style And functionality

The SCALA's interior is furnished with quality materials and great craftsmanship. Multiple combinations of upholstery and décor mean you can give your car a unique personality. Attractive design is also accompanied by perfect functionality. The dashboard as well as panels in the door have a special soft surface resembling crystalline structures. This unique detail can prevent objects from slipping and in the future will become a typical ŠKODA feature.

ŠKODA Scala-airbags

Wireless connectivity

ŠKODA Scala transmission

The SCALA comes with an enlarged phone box which creates an amplified signal for your mobile device and, at the same time, wirelessly charges your phone while driving. This compartment is not only easily accessible, but is also suitable for large display devices. Two USB-C ports located in a centre console allow you to easily connect your external devices without the need for dongles or adapters.

Wireless apple carplay

Combining our smart car with your smartphone was always going to be a good idea. Wireless Apple CarPlay seamlessly connects compatible apps from your smartphone to your SCALA. So, whether you want to listen to music or receive turn-by-turn directions, you can do it all without touching your phone. Smartphone Connectivity for Android Auto™ is available through cable connection.

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